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Special teams get a boost

Special Teams weren't so special last year, so the Cowboys went out and signed Mike Vanderjagt. The Dallas Cowboys website covers it here. By the way, the Cowboys have done a little re-design on their website, and I think it looks better. Anyway, Vanderjagt is here so we don't have a repeat of last year where we missed 4 kicks from inside the 40, three of them probably costing us games because they were in close games in the 4th quarter. With Vanderjagt, we should at least feel comfortable that the make-able kicks will be made.

Mat McBriar returns as the punter and it looks like L.P. Ladouceur will be the long snapper. 4th-round draft pick Skyler Green should become the new punt returner and could help Tyson Thompson on kickoff returns.

Matt Mosley believes Keith Davis' story and answers some questions, here.

Just to let you guys know, I thought I was going to camp, but John Clayton says I'm actually going to the circus!

6. Welcome to the Big Top: This is the Cowboys final summer in Oxnard, Calif. Training camp is moving back to San Antonio next year, but there will be a circus environment in this camp. Tents and fun things for fans fill the areas outside of the Cowboys' practice field in Oxnard. What makes this camp extra special is the arrival of Owens. Owens is a show. Though he might grab more headlines with his statements and opinions, the guy can play. Cowboys fans who hated him with the 49ers and Eagles will love his smooth, hard-working style of running routes. But will there be any training camp blowouts? The Cowboys are loaded with veteran players. They have Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones. T.O. is the show, but there is plenty to see at this camp.

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