BTB Roll Call

This Diary is for readers of BTB to sign-in and let the rest of the community know who you are. We've done this before at BTB, but this Diary will be permanently linked off the front page, so it will be a running record of who is here at BTB. Everybody who is on BTB now, should sign-in and tell us whatever you want about yourself. If you are a new member, here for the first-time, get a free account from BTB and sign-in. After that you can comment on the front page and in the Diaries, or write your own Diary.

Don't feel obligated to tell us anything you don't want to, like your real name or other personal facts. But at least give us a sense of who you are and why you dig the Cowboys.

My bio:

You guys know me as Grizz, but my real name is David Halprin and I live in Atlanta, GA. I started Blogging The Boys in August of 2005. I've been a Cowboy fan since the first thing I can remember about the NFL, Dallas beating Miami in the Super Bowl. I guess that means I jumped on the bandwagon from the beginning. Oh yeah, it also means I'm getting old.

I used to work as a software product manager for a couple of big Internet companies, but now I do consulting work and write this blog. I started BTB as an independent Cowboys blog, but was eventually invited to join the SB Nation network of sports blogs as their Dallas Cowboys writer. That happened in November of last year, and we've been in this new home since then.

That's it for me. What about the rest of you guys?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.