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BTB Announcements

Some of you may have had problems accessing BTB over the last few days. It's either slow to load or it doesn't load at all, also the RSS feed isn't working. The guys at SB Nation who run this blog, and the rest of our network, are aware of the problem and they are adding servers to fix it. SB Nation has grown so fast over the last few months that we became victims of our own success. So we need new servers to handle the increase in traffic and that is happening now. Sorry for any interruptions in service, hang tight, we'll get it cleared up soon.

On the right hand side of the blog, just above the Diaries, I've added a link to a sign-in page. This will become permanent and it's for everyone who reads BTB to leave their own short autobiography. One of our new readers, altercall, has mentioned he's playing in the BTB fantasy football league to get to know some of the guys here. That got me thinking: With training camp about to start, and a new season almost upon us, I thought this would be a good time for everybody to introduce themselves to the rest of the Cowboy fanatics who read BTB.

The old vets and the recent rookies should go over and drop us a line about who you are. It's also the newest Diary, but as you guys write more Diaries it will fall off the list, so I'll have the permanent link up and you can reference it at any time. Tell us as much or as little as you want about yourself, but at least sign-in, and say present and accounted for.

I'm fired up, how about you guys? Training camp is almost here, soon the pads will be on and players will be hitting. When you see that, you know the season isn't too far away. I feel pretty dang good about this 2006 team. Besides the offensive line, every other position should be solid to great. The offensive line is the big variable, but even that has some depth, so we have some options to choose from.

This will be my second year of blogging the regular season. All you guys who went silent over the offseason are now officially invited back to the comments section.

September, 10th - Dallas @ Jacksonville.

I can't wait.

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