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Pat Watkins agrees to contract

The Cowboys get FS Pat Watkins under contract.

Watkins, the 138th overall pick, is expected to compete for the free safety job and also be a contributor on special teams. Watkins will receive base salaries of $275,000 (2006), $360,000 (2007), $445,000 (2008) and $530,000 (2009).

(Hat tip to Tuna Helper)

Update [2006-7-26 20:40:2 by Grizz]: The Cowboys sound like they're getting close on everybody except Bobby Carpenter.

From the Dallas Cowboys website:

E.J. Whitley, an offensive lineman from Texas Tech, suffered a torn ACL in the April mini-camp and will sign a "split" contract for about half of the NFL minimum $275,000, then spend the entire 2006 season on IR.

Second-round pick Anthony Fasano, third-rounder Jason Hatcher and fourth-round pick Skyler Green are all getting closer on their respective contracts.

? signing Carpenter shouldn't be a big problem for the Cowboys, though there hasn't been much progress made so far with the negotiations.

John Czarnacki compares Terrell Owens to other NFL divas past. gives a B+ for our offseason activities.

What Went Right: Love him or hate him, Terrell Owens makes Dallas a legitimate Super Bowl contender. He'll be on his best behavior and that should translate into at least 80 catches and double digits in touchdowns. Adding free agent Mike Vanderjagt finally gives the Cowboys a reliable place-kicker, and first-round pick Bobby Carpenter has the versatility at linebacker that coach Bill Parcells loves.

What Went Wrong: Guard Larry Allen left for San Francisco and the offensive line wasn't that good in the first place. It could be a long year for Drew Bledsoe and the running game if this unit doesn't mesh.

Grade: B+

SB Nation has added a new football blog, Arrowhead Pride, representing the Kansas City Chiefs. Chris is the blogger so head over and give him a warm welcome.

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