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Grizz goes to camp; two more draft picks agree

Well, the time has finally arrived. Tomorrow I fly out to Oxnard, CA to watch a couple of weeks of Dallas Cowboys training camp. I plan to watch the practices closely and try to give you guys as much of a first-hand account as I can. I'll watch more than just Terrell; I'll be watching the RT and FS competitions closely. I'll keep an eye on Bobby Carpenter and Mike Vanderjagt's kickoffs.

While I'm out there, Terry has agreed to take over some of the posting duties and will keep the flow of information going at BTB. You guys can help out by posting diaries and commenting on things you hear about.

I'm calling out some BTB vets! You guys need to sign-in on the BTB roll call diary I also want to see some more commenting out of you guys, especially now that training camp is just about here. One of the best things about BTB is the views that everybody brings to the table, the more commenting, the more we learn. So wake up out of that offseason slumber and start talking Cowboys again!

If your name is on this list, I'm counting on you to sign-in on the roll call diary and to get vocal again. If I didn't put your name on that list, you're not excused, it's just that you haven't commented in so long we might have forgotten you. And for all you lurkers, sign up for a free account and start talking Cowboys!


DC Rant...osa420...Poke...Pete...miles...altercall


ol hickory...Wish i lived in dfw...Stu1057...abileneblues...CowboySam


That's right, I called you out by name, if you don't sign-in I'll consider it a personal punking of me!

Hat tip to Deke for putting this article in the comments.

The Cowboys reached contract agreements with three draft picks Wednesday. Third-rounder Jason Hatcher, fifth-rounder Pat Watkins and sixth-rounder Montavious Stanley agreed to four-year deals.

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