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Local papers cover the Cowboys

The local papers cover the Cowboys return to Oxnard. The L.A. Times lets me know one important thing about camp:

The Teriyaki chicken bowls that Rio Mesa High football boosters will serve during the coming week are a tasty measure of the impact that the Dallas Cowboys training camp has had on this city's economy in recent years.

The Spartans' boosters expect to clear as much as $5,000 from a booth that will offer food and drinks to fans who flock to the city-owned training complex when the Cowboys open training camp on Saturday.

Teriyaki chicken bowls, beeatches! You can't beat that.

But for real Cowboys coverage, nothing compares to the Thousand Oaks Acorn. Check out the knowledge they drop on us.

Seeing Parcells and T.O. work together should be entertaining. Youth cheerleader camps, activities and memorabilia displays are also on tap.

That's some solid work; I'm going to have check on them daily. BTW, Thousand Oaks is right next to Oxnard. (I'm such a local, now.)

Update [2006-7-27 23:27:44 by Grizz]: Deke posted in the comments that the is saying that Bobby Carpenter has agreed to terms. I'm looking for a confirming source.

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