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Top 5 lists heading into camp

Well, old Grizz has his work cut out for him according to Nick Eatman over at the Cowboys website
as there will plenty to watch as Nick compiles six top 5 lists of things to watch during camp.

Top 5 things to monitor before camp

  1. Greg Ellis
  2. Keith Davis
  3. draft picks signings
  4. roster moves/cuts
  5. California weather
This Ellis situation really scares me. I don't like the atitude, "I don't want to be here." Not good.

Top 5 draft picks to watch

  1. Jason Hatcher
  2. Anthony Fasano
  3. Bobby Carpenter
  4. Skyler Green
  5. Montavious Stanley
Hey, Nick, what about Pat Watkins? He could turn out to be our most valuable rookie this year if he wins the starting job.

Top 5 rookie free agents to watch

  1. Sam Hurd
  2. Miles Austin
  3. Kai Parham
  4. Demetrius Summers
  5. Jeff Mroz
The Cowboys have such a talented core base of players now, rookie free agents are going to have a tough time making the team. Look for most of these guys to land on the practice squad.

Top 5 non-T.O. players to watch

  1. Keith Davis
  2. Flozell Adams
  3. Mike Vanderjagt
  4. Julius Jones
  5. Kyle Kosier
Again, why isn't Jason Ferguson mentioned? If he doesn't play at a high level, our defense will just be average.

Top 5 position battles of note

  1. Free Safety
  2. Right Tackle
  3. Third WR
  4. Center
  5. Backup NT
Me, I would think LG (Kosier v Peterman v Procter)
and SOLB (Carpenter v Singleton) would be more important than third WR with all our skill position weapons, but thats just me.

Top 5 veterans on the block

  1. Scott Shanle
  2. Marcus Coleman
  3. Jason Fabini
  4. Al Singleton
  5. Kenyon Coleman
Again, and I know I sound like a broken record, but what about Ferguson? Don't people realize he has to significantly improve this year? I guess old Nick doesn't think so.

Top 5 questions to answer

  1. Can T.O. work with Parcells/Bledsoe?
  2. Can Vanderjagt kickoff?
  3. Who backs up Ferguson?
  4. Whats the deal at running back?
  5. Who wins the right tackle position?
How about can the offensive line keep Bledsoe upright this season?

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