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Owens playing the good teammate role, for now

Terrell Owens was already in California so instead of flying on the team charter, he greeted the team upon their arrival at a naval base. (And yes, players can choose to arrive on their own or take the team charter, so there's no issue there.)

Running back Julius Jones said Owens' decision earned him points with his teammates.

"He's being a team player, and that's big," Jones said. "He made a good impression."

Well, at least it's a start. We can only hope that Owens is truly working hard at changing his behavior.

"I'm very excited (about training camp)," Owens said. "I put a lot of things behind me. From Day 1, from today on, it's straight focusing on football, putting the cleats and the pads back on and let's get at it."

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