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Cowboys poised to win now, build for future

Mickey Spags talks about the Cowboys getting ready for camp
and points out that Parcells and Jones have assembled a roster that is ready to win now, but also built for the future. He states that out of the 80+ players in camp, 61 have less than three years of playing experience.

But at the same time, Jones has not robbed Peter to pay Paul. While he is trying to win now - i.e. at least get this team deep into the playoffs for the first time in 10 years - he is not doing so at the expense of 2008. One eye on the now, one eye on the future.

Because if all goes as expected, the Cowboys, over these past two off-seasons, will have added (counting specialists) 17 frontline players, eight of those entering this season as no more than second-year players. And, if you look closely, there are 61 players on Thursday's training camp roster entering no more than their third NFL season.

The perception in the media and among fans is that the Cowboys are old, well obviously that isn't true. Jones has done a great job of blending  veterans with younger players to hopefully form a championship team this year and well into the future.

Mac Engel from DFW-ST has an interesting article talking about the chemistry that must be established between T.O. and Bledsoe. He interviews Steve Young who claims communication is the key with T.O.

 Young's biggest piece of advice for Bledsoe is to let nothing linger with Owens."

"Ever," he said.

I think Bledsoe will develop  good communication lines with T.O., that shouldn't be a problem.

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