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Parcells has high expectations for Cowboys

It seems as though us die hard Cowboys fans are not the only ones who expect the Cowboys to have a great season. Bill Parcells has high expectations for a Cowboys team he can now call his own after acquiring very good talent both young and experienced.

 With only eight projected starters in their 30s, the Cowboys are counting on some youngsters to come into their own this season. Parcells handpicked the majority of them, including Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten, cornerback Terence Newman and linebacker DeMarcus Ware.

"We have several (young players) that are really starting to become really good, bonafide players," Parcells said. "That kind of encourages me because a couple of these guys have really good ceilings to get to. They haven't gotten there yet, but a couple are headed that way pretty well."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shares Parcells' optimism.

"I'm particularly encouraged because of our roster, our recent drafts, the players we have in the prime of their careers, the mix of young players and veterans and our cap situation," he said.

In other news, it looks like Keith Davis will be cleared to practice.

Well, hopefully everyone can stay healthy this camp. With all these high expectations, that is the one thing I'll be praying for.

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