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Drew Henson, WR coach Todd Haley need our help

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JJT has an update over at The Sporting News.

Parcells wanted to see a little more from QB Drew Henson in NFL Europe. Henson, though, said he was pleased that he got a chance to play and work on aspects of the pro game like game management. Henson has also returned to using the throwing delivery he had at Michigan, which has a little hitch to it as opposed to the revamped delivery the Cowboys spent all offseason last year working with him to develop.

Maybe this is the reason for Parcells' comments about Henson's European gig. The Cowboys spent a whole offseason working on Henson's delivery, and then he goes over to NFLE and reverts back to the form he used before. We all know Parcells, he's a coach who likes things done his way. He couldn't have been happy that his teachings were discarded.

So in order to save Henson's career, I'm starting a pledge drive here at BTB. The goal of the pledge drive is to raise enough money to buy and ship to Henson his own copy of Bill Parcells' Backyard Drills DVD.

Who's with me? Will you guys give of yourself to save Drew Henson's career?

JJT also comments on WR coach Todd Haley's upcoming season.

Receivers coach Todd Haley is in his first season as passing game coordinator and now he must handle those duties while keeping Terrell Owens from destroying what was a tight-knit unit last season. Haley must also make sure Owens gets enough touches in the Cowboys' scheme, while also making sure he comprehends the offense because it's the first time in his career that he won't be playing in the West Coast offense. As passing game coordinator their will be plenty of pressure on him to make sure Jason Witten and Terry Glenn don't get ignored just because Owens is the focal point of the offense.

We can help Todd Haley, too. For his problem, I recommend we pool together some money and send him a copy of Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends & Influence People.

We, as fans, must do everything in our power to help the Cowboys.

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