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Cowboys article roundup

Jim Reeves on Bill Parcells.

Mac Engel on Terrell Owens.

Even the Washington Post can't resist a Terrell Owens article. But Parcells lets everyone know what's important.

"You think that's what I'm worried about [meaning T.O.'s reputation]?" Parcells said. "I'm worried about the Spearses and the Flozell Adams and key players for me that I don't know what they're going to do. I'm not worried about that. I honestly mean that. . . . There's no magic formula. There's no this, there's no that in dealing with radical players. There's nothing to it. You just approach it honestly and try to go forward with the guy and what happened [in the past] happened, and where we are now is what counts, so let's go from there."

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