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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part II

Some more training camp photos, this time from the second practice. I know my photo taking skills leave much to be desired, but you try to take photos from behind a chain-link fence while hundreds of Cowboys fans are jostling for position. Next time I'll try to get some action shots. Most of the pictures are in the extended entry so click the link below to see them all.

DeMarcus Ware came over to sign some autographs after practice.

Is that Ed Werder next to the Tuna, cozying up after practice?

Patrick Crayton signed autographs for at least 30 minutes after practice.

Chris Canty is HUGE!

Terrible picture, but that's Aaron Glenn with Marcus Spears next to him in the blue shirt.

Jason Ferguson and Greg Ellis get out of their pads as soon as possible once practice is over.

Bradie James, Tyson Thompson and DeMarcus Ware after practice ends.

Captain Caveman is surrounded by autograph seekers.

Some guy, I don't know his name but he seems to attract a lot of attention at practices, decided to sign some autographs.

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