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Camp Notes

Mike Fisher from makes some observations from the teams first practice day. I found this one to be very interesting, especially for all those Drew Henson fans out there.

P.M. WHO'S NOT: Watch for Drew Henson to quietly slip from being in competition with Tony Romo for the No. 2 job into trying to hang onto the No. 3 job; he didn't do a very sound job of the latter Saturday evening. In 7-on-7 passing drills, Henson threw consecutive groundball passes to wide-open receivers. Worse, coach Bill Parcells - who spent much of the second workout of the day barking angrily at players - barely raised an eyebrow at Henson, almost as if he takes the failures as normal.

I don't know how you guys feel, but I think Henson's days in Dallas are numbered. If he makes it through this camp, I can't see him making the team in 2007, especially if Parcells decides to coach another year. Henson's only hope to make it with the Cowboys is if Parcells retires after this season which I'm not so sure will happen. Grizz should probably post a poll on this, but I'm in the "Parcells will coach two more years" camp, making Henson a goner for sure.

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