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Lincoln Kennedy wants to tryout for the Cowboys

Mike Fisher of (sub req) is reporting that Lincoln Kennedy is contacting the Cowboys for a possible tryout. The former NFL Network broadcaster has negotiated his release from the Raiders and is looking to help shore up the Cowboys weakest position, offensive tackle.

"I want to play in a win a Super Bowl,'' Kennedy told us in a statement released by his agent. "I want to help a contender.''

Hey, I say give the big guy a look see. If I remember correctly, the former pro bowler was pretty good in his prime and if he still has some juice left in the tank, sign him up. BTW, when I say big guy, I mean big.

Kennedy, 33, has been out of football for two years and most recently was a commentator for NFL Network (he was not renewed for this season). A former Falcons No. 1 draft pick, he's been mostly a right tackle in his career. He's massive - Casterline says he's in shape at 6-7 and about 380 - which obviously fits one requirement of the job.


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