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John Clayton's observations of Cowboys

John Clayton over at Insider (sub req) was at the Cowboys practice Saturday and lists some of his observations.

Basically, he points out things that we pretty much  know already. T.O will help out the running game, Marion Barber will have an expanded role in the offense this year, our offensive line and free safety position are big question marks, our defense is very young and talented, Witten is an emerging superstar and one of the leaders on offense.

Speaking of Witten, Todd Archer of the DMN has an article on Jason stating how he is worth of every penny that he will paid under his new contract. Apparently, Parcells has dubbed him with a new nickname as well.

But as good as it is for the Cowboys' tight end, he still has Bill Parcells in his ear.

"I call him the Big Easy now," Parcells said. "Thats his name. Well, you know, he's riding the wave."

Well, if Witten turns out to be the Ernie Els of football, I'll be really happy with that. Both are fun to watch play in their respective sports, thats for sure. Here's hoping Jason can acquire some Super Bowl hardware as easily as Ernie collected his U.S. Open trophies.

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