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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part III

Here are some photos from this morning's practice. The secondary was running their position drills right in front of me, so most of the pics are of them. Click the link at the bottom of the post to see them all.

Anybody recognize these? If you're a Philly fan, I'm sure you don't. Yes, all 5 on display at training camp.

Keith Davis and Roy Williams.

Justin Beriault makes in an interception. Not a real one, this was during a half-speed teaching drill.

Keith and Roy again, who - by the way - run all their position drills together.

Anthony Henry gets a fake INT during a drill.

The Zimster! (with Paul Pasqualoni in the background)

Justin Beriault again. And no, this wasn't after he got his bell rung, the red cap on his helmet is used to designate him as a WR when the DB's are running drills.

Roy Williams came out about 30 minutes early and signed some autographs. We all were saying things to him like "Sign a new contract and stay with us, Roy", but he had headphones on with his music playing so we got no response.

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