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Idiot writer bashes Bledsoe

Sometimes you read an article and you disagree with the author's point, but it's a valid argument and you respect their opinion. But every once in a while you read something that just defines the word idiotic. So it was today when I came across this article written by Ryan Davis over at He was responding to a sarcastic question from a reader about Peter King annointing the Cowboys as Super Bowl champs. Below are the offending paragraphs:

In fairness to Mr. King, Parcells is still the best coach going. They do have a good bordering on great defense, TO will be a definite impact, and Terry "She" Glenn seems to have defeated his bouts with migraines, thyroid disorders, and osteoporosis.

But one glaring weakness remains - their offensive backfield. Julius Jones is a good back, but considering he's my body double, he won't last a full season, sorry Pete. Drew Bledsoe's not Drew Bledsoe anymore, Mr. King.

Lest we forget, Drew's a man who made a Buffalo Bill offensive linemen berate him after a play, because he was sacked despite the minute and a half he had in the pocket. A feat unduplicated before or after that incident. He's shot, done, gone, get out the forks.

Like I said, idiot. Drew Bledsoe's stats from last year:

3, 639 yards, good for 8th in the NFL.
7.29 yards per attempt, good for 8th in the league.
23 TD's, tied for 8th in the league.

I'll give you he had 17 INT's, but most of those came later in the season when our line was in shambles.

Ryan Davis is shot, done, get the forks out. This writer gets the idiot of the week award.

Update [2006-7-5 16:16:12 by Grizz]: Right after I posted this, I read BTB regular Terry's comments here. He was pointing out that Vic Carruci at was echoing his thoughts on Jason Ferguson and the need for him to step it up at NT to anchor our 3-4 defense. But in the same article, Carruci was also discussing each team's QB situation. Dallas fell under the Quarterback Answers column, because we don't have an issue with our starting QB. In Carruci's words:

Dallas: With solid protection (which he had until Flozell Adams' injury last season), Drew Bledsoe is sound and effective, which is more than most teams have at quarterback.
Like I said, Ryan Davis, idiot.

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