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Philadelphia freedom

The Philadelphia media is having a field day with Eldorado's new book. If you want to read a review of sorts about the book, you can go to this link provided by Tuna Helper. As I read through it, and read through the excerpts from the other article I posted, the book sounds like just more details of a story we basically already knew. The rest is filler about Owens' perceptions of what was going on around him. Where's the sizzle?

I mean, if this is all about Owens trying to make a buck, then he should've have dropped something ridiculous in there that the press could pick up on. If it's all about Owens trying to justify his part in the whole fiasco, it's just not that interesting. Has any BTB reader bought it yet, maybe can give us a review? I just can't see me shelling out 15 or 20 bucks to line Owens' pocket. Not unless he called McNabb gay.

Want more Owens? Another Philly writer says this is bad news for the Cowboys.

A preliminary glimpse, however, suggests that this thing is really much worse news for the Dallas Cowboys, Owens' new team, than it is for the Eagles.

Why? Because the moral of this particular story is that Owens is still every bit the no-class, no-clue team-wrecker he was in Philadelphia. The man portrayed by Owens and coconspirator Jason Rosenhaus is a sociopath, coldly unconcerned with the consequences of his actions and guided by a self-deluding logic all his own.

If you're Jerry Jones or Bill Parcells or especially Drew Bledsoe and you read this mess, you have to be very, very afraid.

His logic goes like this: Owens is showing the same behavior by writing this book as he showed when he left San Francisco. The Eagles and their fans were able to overlook his trashing of Jeff Garcia on his way out - including calling him gay - because of his talent. Now, Owens is trashing his latest QB victim McNabb, and Bledsoe and Dallas are next.

He has a point. If Owens would've signed with any other team, I'd probably be thinking it's just a matter of time. But since he's with the Cowboys, I put on my rose-colored glasses and hope for the best. Part of it is my faith in Bill Parcells and his ability to handle the bad seeds of the NFL. The other part is I like to root for the Cowboys fully, without reservation, so I've mentally accepted Owens as part of the team and I hope he has a record season.

The Philly writers have a vested interest in seeing Owens fail - or more directly - of seeing him destroy the Cowboys. It would be too painful for the city of Philadelphia to watch Owens settle in here, play outstanding on the field, and help Dallas win a Super Bowl. If that scenario were reverse, it would drive me insane. Imagine if Dallas had been to a few conference championship games, then signed Owens to get them over the top, only to lose the Super Bowl and then watch him obliterate a finely crafted team. We dump him; he ends up in Philly and takes them to a Super Bowl win without causing any strife. Yeah, that would be extremely painful. So I understand their need to have Owens fail.

And truth be told, the odds are probably 50-50 on the outcome.

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