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Is Roy Williams the most overrated player in the NFL?

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Pete Prisco is the opposite of Peter King, he seems to never like the Cowboys - whether on the field or their moves off of it. He puts the smack-down on Roy Williams, calling him the most overrated player in the league.

So who's the league's most overrated? There are a lot of name players to choose from, but the winner is Dallas Cowboys safety Roy Williams. He isn't nearly as good as his reputation, which is Lone Star big.

Williams played in his third consecutive Pro Bowl after the 2005 season, but he certainly hasn't performed to that level. Williams is a good hitter when in the box, but he struggles in coverage, which is why teams were able to exploit the Cowboys with some big plays last season.

Anyone who saw the Cowboys blow that Monday night game to the Redskins saw that Williams can be trouble in coverage. The Redskins twice threw over the top of him for fourth-quarter touchdowns.
Sure, he makes those highlight hits. But for every one of those, there's two misses in coverage. That's not good enough.

There is no way he's a better safety than Adrian Wilson of the Cardinals or Sean Taylor of the Redskins, two players who should have gone to the Pro Bowl ahead of Williams.

Personally, I think Prisco is being a little harsh. While I've always thought Roy could wrap-up better on tackles - sometimes he goes for the big hit when the occasion screams for making a sure tackle - he's not nearly as bad in coverage as Prisco would have you believe. Certainly he's never going to be a coverage safety - he is a SS after all - so his value lays in getting turnovers, sacks and making momentum changing hits. You can't underestimate that in terms of establishing your defense as intimidators and it does lead to guys hearing footsteps and causing some "alligator arms" when receivers go over the middle.

In my estimation, he's a tad overrated, but still an elite safety and one Dallas should absolutely keep for years to come.

But I do like his choice for underrated on the Cowboys team (not for the entire league).

Underrated: Drew Bledsoe is one of those quarterbacks who always gets picked apart, no matter what he does. But he had a heck of a year for the Cowboys, throwing for 3,639 yards and 23 touchdowns.

John Clayton weighs in on what he expects to happen in Dallas with regards to Eldorado.

Terrell Owens will have a few on-the-field scrapes with quarterback Drew Bledsoe, but those spats won't create the dissension that tore up the Eagles' locker room. Owens will be on pretty good behavior during training camp and the regular season. Bledsoe won't change his style of being a vocal leader in the huddle, and that will cause some minor problems with Owens. Bledsoe will probably yell at Owens for running a wrong route. Owens will probably yell back. Those things happened with Keyshawn Johnson last season, but none developed into a problem. The ultimate test will come in the playoffs if the Cowboys make it that far.

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