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Spoiler alert: Terrell Owens' new book trashes McNabb

Uggh. Just what we didn't need. It was over, the Terrell Owens/Donovan McNabb feud was so last year. Everything was going along so nice and peaceful like, but that's about to change.

Every reporter who speaks to Owens over training camp is going to want to ask about his book. That's just the kind of gossip interview where Owens will say something stupid, and raise the level of the circus another notch.

We get it: Owens didn't like McNabb, McNabb didn't like Owens, the Eagles and Andy Reid were caught in the middle and had to choose sides. There really couldn't have been any other ending once it reached that level. The Eagles had to back their franchise quarterback over the player who had only been there one year.  

But Terrell had to write his book, someone in the Philadelphia media got a copy, and posted excerpts at this site.

Here is one, and tell me if it sounds as 4th grade to you as it does to me.

In the book, Owens says it was one play in a game in a 27-6 win over the New York Giants in November 2004 that upset Owens and convinced him that McNabb was jealous.

"I couldn't believe it," Owens said about a pass play where McNabb decided not to throw him the ball. "Donovan had time to get the ball to me. ... Donovan ignored me, he ignored Coach Reid's design."

Owens said he returned to the huddle and ask McNabb about the play, and McNabb responded with an obscenity to Owens in front of teammates.

In his opinion, Owens then knew McNabb was deeply jealous of his popularity in Philadelphia.

"I was getting so much of the Philadelphia glory that used to be his," Owens said.

Owens then said he got into a confrontation with McNabb after the Giants game in the Meadowlands locker room and running back Dorsey Levens broke up the two men.

Blah. This is a classic he said/ she said story, and I'm not going to venture down the path of which one was "she". (Besides, Parcells already gave that name to Terry Glenn.)

(Hat Tip to ezzi110 for posting the link in the comments)

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