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Ware and Canty projected for big years

The Sporting News gives some love to a couple of Cowboys in this article about breakout defenders this season.

Another 3-4 end who has everything it takes is Dallas' Chris Canty. Last year, the fourth-round pick played better than first-round pick Marcus Spears. That could be partly because Canty played in a similar system at Virginia, but his determination also is helping him.


DeMarcus Ware made a remarkable transition from Troy, where he played defensive end, to the Cowboys last season. Now that Ware has played one season as a linebacker, he has a feel for the position. His body has benefited this offseason from being in a solid training and nutrition program for the first time, and word around the team is he looks like a different man.

Over at, former Cowboys scouting guru Gil Brandt also gets some love.

Gil Brandt: He revolutionized the personnel business in the NFL. He was on the ground level of the computerization of evaluating players and developing a way to measure probable athletic success in football while he ran the scouting department for the Dallas Cowboys. His grading system and evaluation process is the backbone of most NFL scouting departments. Although retired from the league for a number of years and a regular contributor to, he still has signed more non-football players to NFL contracts than any other personnel man in the business. Ask Gil about any draft pick, and he'll tell you if he has the "traits" to be a success in pro football.

You can also watch a profile on Julius Jones and his brother Thomas at Look on the right-hand side under NFL Network video features.

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