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Roy Williams, Santana Moss; two plays for TD's

Mickey Spags answers his mail, there's nothing particularly newsworthy, just a bunch of common sense answers. He did answer a question about Roy "Am I Overrated Or Not" Williams.

Mickey: ... The Cowboys want to keep Williams, and just hope he has worked hard in the off-season to improve his coverage. It's all about recognition more than inability to cover. Come on, the Cowboys aren't asking him to man many guys. Just be where you're supposed to be when doubling a guy.

Interesting take by Mickey. I would think recognition of where he's supposed to be in a defense would not be an issue for Roy Williams - who has started every game for four years . So I decided to go back and look at the Washington game, specifically the two Moss touchdowns, to see what really happened.

On the first touchdown, it did appear that Roy got caught out of position. Aaron Glenn was on the outside covering Moss, and Moss gave him a double-move, which kept Glenn on the outside of Moss for the entire route. Newman was covering the slot receiver and let him go after 15 yards as the receiver moved toward the middle. It looks like Newman had outside-half responsibilities underneath, and turned the receiver over to a linebacker who had dropped deep into zone coverage in the middle. Here's where the play broke-down for the Cowboys, Roy stepped up to help with that receiver, letting Moss get behind him. Now, that inside receiver might've gotten open if Roy hadn't jumped up, because the LB stayed in his zone as the inside receiver ran a post past him.

But at the moment Roy jumped the route, Brunell launched the ball to Moss, who had beaten Glenn. Roy tried to recover but was too late, and Moss scored. On the other side of the field, the Redskins weren't threatening the deep zone, so Willie Pile could've slid over and picked up the inside guy Roy had moved up to cover. Overall, the play was an excellent call against that defense, and suckered Roy into deciding between two receivers deep. But Moss was the guy who made the play work by running an excellent route and beating Glenn downfield.

The second touchdown - the game-winner - was not Roy's fault, that one is on Aaron Glenn. Roy was in position, but basically got put in one-one-coverage with Moss, and there's no way Roy can win that battle, and he shouldn't be expected to win it. Glenn gave Moss a huge cushion to the inside, at least 7 yards, leaving Roy as the only guy running with Moss - the only guy even near Moss - and he tried to keep up with him. The ball hung up in the air for a bit, and Glenn closed the gap to make a leaping stab at deflecting the ball, but it was too late. Glenn hung Roy out to dry on that one.

Anyway, just to make a point, even though Roy got a lot of the blame for those two plays, Aaron Glenn was mainly responsible for the second one. Although it looks like it was Roy because he was closest to Moss - trying to run stride-for-stride with him - it was Glenn who was out of position. On the first one, Roy probably made a mistake by picking the wrong receiver to cover in the deep zone, but the play call was a good one for that defense. And Moss ran a superb route.

Here's the YouTube video so you can make your own evaluation.

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