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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part IV

Here are some pics from practice #5 that took place Monday afternoon. I had a special request from a BTB reader who's friends with WR Sam Hurd for some photos of him, which are included in this batch. Click the link bleow to see them all.

Terrell Owens starring in a remake of Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Terrell Owens schools one of our young grasshopper DB's (Lenny Williams).

T-New had some footwear issues in the middle of practice.

Chris Canty is, uhm... BIG!

Montavious Stanley gets some instruction from Jim Burt.

Thomas Johnson practices his technique against Jason Ferguson.

Sam Hurd pics as a special request by a BTB reader.

Bradie James and others run their sprints.

Guess who? Why it's none other than Mickey Spagnola.

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