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Newman feeling the love

Terence Newman is feeling the love. Coach Parcells has already singled him out as the hardest working man in the offseason. Even when Parcells spreads the love to Rob Petitti and his amazing offseason transformation, he can't help but say he is still second to the work Newman puts in. Funny how the rest of the NFL, at least the media and the fans, haven't caught on to Newman, who is one of the best corners in the league. You think that's overblown hyperbole? Coach Parcells doesn't, and neither does Champ Bailey.

Parcells also is quick to point out that Newman, the fifth overall pick of the 2003 NFL draft, did not give up a touchdown pass last season.

"Go find another (corner) who did that," Parcells said.

Still, Newman failed to earn a spot on the NFC Pro Bowl roster last season. But that doesn't seem to bother him.

"I remember we played Denver last year, and (Broncos cornerback) Champ (Bailey), who is probably one of the best corners in the league, if not the best, was like, 'Hey, I will see you in Hawaii,'" Newman said. "I was proud he told me that. He knows what I have, and he's one of the greats, so I was happy about that.

"I would like to make (the Pro Bowl), but my biggest goal is to go to the Super Bowl. I feel like if we make it to the Super Bowl, I will go to the Pro Bowl."

The Philly press is still obsessed with Terrell Owens. If my team's #1 receiver was Reggie Brown, I might be obsessed, too. But the important quote from the article is that Bledsoe and Owens are already communicating.

Bledsoe and Owens already have had a couple of discussions about huddle and sideline etiquette. Essentially, Bledsoe has promised not to tell Owens to shut the bleep up as long as Owens doesn't nag him about not getting the ball.

"We've had a couple of good conversations already about how I'm going to talk to him and how I want to hear information back from him,'' Bledsoe said. "And he's been great. It's early. But I don't think it's going to be a problem.''

As for Owens, he got a little defensive when asked whether he felt his marriage to his new quarterback would go any better than the last two.

"I haven't had any problem,'' he said. "We've kind of made a step to eliminate any of those things from happening. I know a lot of people are speculating [that it won't work out]. It gets redundant with the questions about me and Drew and me and [Cowboys coach Bill] Parcells.

"At this point, we're just going out and playing football. We're gonna leave all the speculation to all you [media] guys. We're just gonna go with the flow.''

Get on top of the situation early, like Bledsoe is doing, and you've got a better chance of heading off trouble down the road.

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