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Kennedy to work out for Cowboys

Lincoln Kennedy is scheduled to work out Tuesday for the Cowboys in hopes of making a comeback after being out of football for the past two seasons. I know a lot of guys don't think a 33 year old, 380 pound rusty tackle will help much, but Mike Fisher from is reporting that our line is struggling and might need a body like Kennedy to help out maybe down the line.

The initial thinking from the Cowboys - and from me - was that maybe Kennedy will show up way out of shape (the result of two years away from football) and that this will be an experiment quickly dismissed.

But the more I watch this offensive line struggle, the more I believe the Cowboys want to see if Kennedy still has "it'' because they truly need "it.'' And while he might not be superior right now to some of Dallas' tackles, he might be a month from now, when it truly matters.

With Flozell having his troubles coming back from ACL surgery and Fabini looking bad, I say sign the guy if he looks like he could help us. Offensive tackle is definitely our weakest position and we don't want to be caught in the same situation we were in last season when Flozell went down for the year.

Fisher does point out that even though the line is struggling so far in camp, it just might be the case of our defensive line being really good.

P.M. WHO'S NOT: Did I mention that this offensive line is struggling?

Granted, in practice, it can sometimes be difficult to gauge (even by coaches themselves): Is our offensive guy bad? Or is it just that our defensive guy is that good?

Well, let me put it this way: If it's not that some of the O-linemen are performing at a substandard level, than it's that the Dallas Cowboys employ five or six defensive linemen destined to be All-Pros.

Now thats what I want to hear! What do you think Grizz? You've had a first hand look at these beasts for a few days, do you agree?

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