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Cowboys article roundup

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Clarence Hill is looking for leaders on the Cowboys. So am I. Like this - DeMarcus Ware leads the league in sacks. Or Terrell Owens is leading the NFL in TD's. Or - what? - Oh, leaders in the clubhouse, you say? Never mind.

Greg Ellis is a linebacker. Is not. Is too. Go read it for yourself.

The offensive line - is it offensive or not? Find the answers here.

You guys write the caption for this Paul Pasqualoni picture.

More pics below, click the link.

BTB regular LRogue sent me this sweet Pat Watkins pic from his FSU days.

Some guy who looks like a giant Tuna got in the way of my picture.

DL coach Kacy Rodgers doesn't miss a thing as he watches Jason Hatcher work.

That's Greg Ellis in a drill simulating a LBer dropping back into coverage.