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Parcells to showcase Romo in preseason

Both JJT and Mickey Spags post articles detailing how Parcells plans on playing Romo extensively this preseason to show that he can be a reliable backup to Bledsoe and maybe even the QB of the future.

Coach Bill Parcells said he's going to give Romo an opportunity to prove his worth to the organization this preseason.

 "I've got to decide where he is," Parcells said. "Our plans are to play him a lot. I've been around him for three years now. I see a guy that's pretty smart. It looks like in practice, he's making fewer and fewer mistakes.

"Had we just thrown him to the wolves two years ago or something, it probably would have ruined his career. But now he's got enough background and enough knowledge and enough training and enough understanding that it's time to go forward."

As a big Romo fan, that is music to my ears. I truly believe this kid will shine when given the chance and I can't wait to see him play this preseason. Here's what Mickey Spags has seen so far in camp from Romo.

But so far, here is what we've seen from Romo: He appears much more composed in the pocket and seems to make far fewer impulse decisions. Looks like he knows where the ball is going. His accuracy seems to be either right on the button or 10 yards off, but the poor passes are far fewer than say his first two years in the league. And it sure seems he's got something going with Terrell Owens on the medium deep crossing patterns, simply throwing the ball up high and allowing Owens to go up and get it, but seemingly in stride.

Even as a Romo supporter I realize the true test will come in the regular season when game speed is much faster. However, I'm confident Tony will play well and make Cowboy fans believe he can become the QB of the future.

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