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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part XII

Before you get to the pics, I wanted to let you guys know about an online Cowboys radio program. DCFanatic is a Cowboys fan who has his own site and he does a radio broadcast once a week. He asked me to join as a regular guest and I gladly accepted, and the first broadcast is up. You can listen to it here and I'll post a permanent link to the broadcasts as they will take place all season long. I'll even add a media player to this site as soon as I figure out how so you can listen to it here. So if you want to hear what I sound like, go to the broadcast and I'm the second guest on the show.

Here are some pics from yesterday's afternoon practice. Click the link below to see them all.

Jay Ratliff, who's been a star of the first two weeks of camp, stretches out before practice.

Aaron Glenn and Roy Williams waiting around during punt drills.

Another pic of Roy.

Pat Watkins and Quincy Butler.

Another pic of Pat Watkins.

Skyler Green.

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