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Romo likely to start against Seattle

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Mickey Spags is reporting that Tony Romo will probably start Saturday against Seattle in the Cowboys preseason opener.

Parcells has been saying Romo would "play a lot" in the 7 p.m. (PDT) start at Qwest Field, but has been hesitant to commit to what has seemed to be the obvious: That he would start the game.

But on Thursday here at the River Ridge Complex before the Cowboys conducted their only practice of the day, when asked one more time if it would be safe to say Romo is his starter against the Seahawks, Parcells said, "There would be a pretty good chance that would happen."

As a big Romo supporter, I'm excited about Tony getting an opportunity to showcase his skills against the defending NFC champ's first team defense. I think he'll show the Cowboy fans that he is the real deal and could take over for Bledsoe if God forbid he goes down with an injury this season.