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Bradie James looks to become leader of Doomsday III

The Cowboys always had a rich tradition of great defenses throughout the years. They also had players  who became leaders of those defenses in both actions and words such as Bob Lilly, Chuck Howley, Randy White, Charlie Waters, Charles Haley, the list could go on. The current Cowboy defense is loaded with great, young talent and the coaches are hoping Bradie James steps up and becomes their leader.

They view him as an impact player who can make plays and already have plans to lock him up as a Cowboy for years to come.

 He will be an unrestricted free agent at season's end, but Dallas has no intention of letting him get to that point.

Jimmy Sexton, James' agent, spent Wednesday talking with vice president Stephen Jones about a long-term contract that will make James a wealthy man.

"He is a good football player," said Zimmer, who is not lavish with praise. "He takes charge of the defense. He has a presence about him and he's a physical player. He understands what I want from him, and he tries to give it to me."

I do think James is the real deal and will become one of the leaders of a defense that will be dominant for years to come. So which name do you think is better, the "James Gang" or "Bradie's Bunch"? Personally, I like the "James Gang" myself.

Nick Eatman tells us that Parcells plans to go with running back by committee this season utilizing Jones, Barber and Thompson as a three headed monster.

"In this day and age, having a multiple-back system, if you have the talent to do it, is advantageous to your team," Parcells said. "I'd always been a coach that had a lead back and a supplemental carrier. And then sometimes I had the advantage of having a third-down guy, too. There were always three guys in the mix every week."

While Parcells wants to keep the three-back philosophy intact, he said there isn't much difference between Jones and Barber.

"I think they're pretty much interchangeable," Parcells said. "With those two, I'm more inclined to change the runners and I'm trying to get Tyson ready to be part of this mix as well, where he could maybe be a change-up runner. That means Marion could be the third-down guy and something else. And then Julius could be the lead runner and you'd have two guys to change up and one guy for the third down.

Well, it looks like our backs won't be highly attractive to fantasy football owners this season.

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