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Adams attempting to return to Pro Bowl form

As most of you know, when big Flozell Adams went down for the season last year with an ACL injury, the season was over. I know myself I tried to remain optimistic, but deep down I knew the Cowboys were done. It's just impossible to replace a Pro Bowl LT in the middle of the season. After a slow start in camp, Flozell Adams is starting to make progress in his attempt to come back from ACL surgery.

"This is really the first injury I've ever had," said Adams, who had never missed a game in his previous seven seasons before tearing his ACL in Week 6 last year against the Giants. "The first couple of days in practice are kind of tough because it takes a while to get acclimated again. I haven't been out there since October. It's been a while. I'm trying to re-learn a lot of steps again."

IMO, Adams will be the key to the team this year. He has to return to Pro Bowl form and anchor that offensive line or our offense will be in serious trouble. Bledsoe needs max protection at all times, if not, our Super Bowl aspirations will be nothing more than wishful thinking. There will be a lot of key performers for the Cowboys this season, but none of them will be as important as big Flo Adams.

Brad Sham as a nice article on Akin Ayodele and how he is fitting in with our defense and developing good chemistry with the rest of the guys.

Apparently Ayodele is doing a good job of staying ready. Bradie James, who will be counted on to be one of the defensive leaders on what should be a very good unit, gives his new running buddy the stamp of approval.

"Our chemistry has to be real good," says James. "But he's a proven guy, four years in the league. He and I have to be on the same page, and he's already becoming a playmaker in this defense. It's a new position for him, and people don't know how much harder it can be. But he's not hesitating, and the last few practices he's made some real strides."  

This is really good news as hopefully these two can blow up a lot of plays at the line of scrimmage and keep opposing RB's shut down. I'll tell ya, I'm really getting excited about this defense, can't wait to see them play.

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