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Post TC practice #1

It was overcast and rainy as I got up this morning, keeping the temperature down. I looked out the window and saw the paper boy's first throw was low and in the dirt, his next throw was a strike in the middle of my neighbor's door, then he threw one a little high but my other neighbor made a circus one-handed catch, saving the paper from landing in the rose bushes.

Next, the mailman tried a hand-off to my mailbox, but  fumbled my electric bill, putting it on the ground. The UPS man came on and dragged two boxes with him through the middle (of my doorway) for a good gain.

The next drill was a drive (in my car) that started with a sweet double-move (backing out of my parking space, then pulling forward) that left me open to race untocuched to the endzone (you know, the zone at the end of my condo complex). Continuing with the same drill, there was a lot of traffic in the secondary (road that I was on, I stay away from the main roads), and I managed to catch a pass (rather, catch and pass) several blocking cars for some good yardage. The drive ended when I avoided getting stopped (by a stoplight) and parked at the grocery store.

Next up, the grocery store drill. The stockboy was in perfect position to snuff out a sweep around a corner that was headed for some pop tarts. Next, I used a slant pattern to avoid a mom and her kid for a perfect connection with a 2-liter Mountain Dew. The cashier bobbled the pigskin (actually, they were Ballpark franks) but recovered in time to successfully get the barcode under the scanner.

The bagboy had a great day as he managed to get four sacks (of groceries into my cart) and that ended the drill.

Next I went to the coffee shop and...STOP! I need help. This not being at training camp thing is just not working out for me. I need professional medical help to get over these withdrawls. Join me next week when I evaluate whether my psychiatrist has what it takes to take me to the promised land, or whether his couch is too soft to play on my team.

Seriously though, I'm back home and getting adjusted to the time change, but plan to have a two-week review about what I saw at training camp up later today. Also, the pre-season game is tonight so we'll have a short preview of things to look for tonight.

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