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Romo rules, Bledsoe ready to rock

I can't wait until 5 PM EST today so I can watch the whole game on the NFL Network. Once I get the game on Tivo I'll be able to take a look at some of the other players that don't really show up in the boxscore and give you guys a scouting evaluation. But until then, we can say that Tony Romo, Patrick Crayton, Sam Hurd, Greg Ellis and Junior Glymph all had good games.

Still, when they asked Parcells about Romo's night after the game, he opened with a classic Parcells maneuver.

"He fumbled two snaps. You can't do that," said Parcells, who revealed he had never used just one starter in a preseason game. "Other than that, he put a 15-play drive together. He made a couple of good back-shoulder throws, and he moved around well in the pocket."

Tuna never let's the players forget their mistakes, even on a night when Romo was at his most impressive. But the part that will start the pundits mouth's (and pen's) wagging is the move around in the pocket comment. Something a certain other QB on the Cowboys roster doesn't do. All I know is Bledsoe better put together a good exhibition game next week, or the Dallas scribes are going to be giddy at the thought of stirring up a quarterback controversy. Now, don't get me wrong, I don't think there's any doubt in Parcells' mind about who the starting QB will be (or in my mind), but nothing sells like a good old fashioned QB controversy.

What's Bledsoe's take on Romo's play?

"He played about how I expected him to play," Bledsoe said. "He threw the ball extremely well, he managed the game well and he moved the team.

"It sounded good in theory, when they told me I wasn't going to play this week but it was tough. I'll be ready to rock and roll next week."

Parcells plan may have been two-fold; see what he has in Romo, and light a little fire under his veteran starting QB, giving him a reason to excel in the preseason games.

The DFW-ST gives you a hot and not breakdown. Until I see the game myself, I'll have to take their word.

Who looked good: Receiver Sam Hurd dropped the first pass thrown to him, then came back with some nice catches, including a one-handed snag for 15 yards. After the first drive, Tony Romo was sharp the rest of the way. Greg Ellis played well at linebacker and contributed a sack and another tackle in coverage.

Who didn't look good: The offensive line was helped by Tony Romo's scrambles to avoid some pressure and pick up some yards. Running back Julius Jones ran for 14 yards on seven carries.

Here's a look from the Seahawks side of the game.

The Cowboys, who ended the first half with an 81-yard drive and a field goal, went back to their clock-chewing ways in the second half. Their first drive, 12 plays and 80 yards, produced a Shaun Suisham field goal from 34 yards that bounced off the crossbar and went through the uprights.

"One, we didn't get off the field. Two, our offense didn't get on the field," Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren said. "You can't play the game that way".

Generic AP article about the game on FOX Sports.

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