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Crayton injured

Hat tip to burmafrd1944 for posting this in the comments.

Bad news my friends. We don't know how bad yet, but Patrick Crayton has a high ankle sprain, and that's not good.

From Mickey Spags:

Crayton suffers a high ankle sprain in the second quarter. He didn't play another down. He didn't even return to the field after halftime. In fact, he went to get an X-ray, which was negative.

But that doesn't mean everything.

Crayton left Qwest Field with his right foot in a walking boot and using crutches. Yes, the same darn foot he had problems with last year, fracturing the ankle in the Oct. 16 game against the Giants which required surgery and caused him to miss the next five. He was never the same after he returned.

When he rolled the ankle Saturday night, said he thought back to last year, "but it was a different kind of pain." Nothing might be broken, but that doesn't mean he didn't damage the ligaments. The trainers will know more Sunday. Probably send him for an MRI.

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