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Ellis and Romo off to good start

Did you guys listen to Greg Ellis' locker room interview post-game? I don't think I've ever heard a more candid interview with a high-profile athlete. He admitted to not feeling comfortable with playing OLB, going as far as to say on the play where he had to make a 1-on-1 tackle out in space; he was thinking this is the exact reason he didn't want to play OLB, this is why the whole experiment was a mistake. He eventually made the tackle and said that was the first time he had any confidence in what he was doing. He also said that Terence Newman was a big help to him in the game, telling him what patterns to look for and the Seahawks tendencies in certain situations. I like Newman more and more everyday.

Here's a little more on Ellis from Rob Phillips.

Ellis sacked Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on the opening drive to get the Cowboys' defense off the field. But two plays earlier, Ellis came face-to-face with what's been his biggest worry: One-on-one coverage against a wide receiver, this time Seattle's Bobby Engram.

The 270-pound Ellis managed to wrap up Engram along the sideline and force a third down situation for the Seattle offense.

"My main deal was just being able to tackle guys in the open field on solo tackles," Ellis said, "because I'm like, 'I'm by myself, I'm going to look bad if I miss him and it's going to hurt the team if I miss him.'

"That's one of the challenging things that you have to do at that position is make open-field tackles."

Let me count the ways I love Coach Parcells. When a player needs a little boost, he can do that, like calling Greg Ellis "Willie" all through training camp, in reference to Willie McGinest. But if he fears that a player might begin to believe his press clippings, he's there to remind him not to take the cheese.

About four questions into his post-game interview, Tony Romo could see out of the corner of his eye he was being watched.
And it wasn't by the hoard of reporters holding microphones and cameras.

No, Romo noticed head coach Bill Parcells sporting arguably his biggest smile of the night.

Parcells ordered Jason Witten to interrupt the media briefing and give Romo a short message.
"Tony, Coach said we're going to have to stay in Akron, because Canton is going to be full," Witten said to Romo, referring to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

This isn't the first time Parcells has joked about the media trying "to send players to Canton," or anointing them prematurely. In fact, several media members expected some kind of Hall-of-Fame joke after Saturday night.

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