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Cowboys notes

I'd like to welcome Matt Mosley to the Abram Elam bandwagon.

And let me throw a couple of other names out there: Rookie safety Abram Elam ended up with seven tackles. The guy just kept showing all over the place. You already know that rookie linebacker Oliver Hoyte has turned some heads.

I've also written about Hoyte, who looks good in practice, but because of the numbers I project him to the practice squad.

I also like this note:

Interesting note that this is the first time a quarterback has gone start to finish in pre-season since 1992.

Leave it to Parcells to pull something like that.

Over at The RanchReport (sub. req.), Mike FIsher notes that we have contacted one FA receiver.

That's why Dallas was working the phones, checking the availability and health of assorted veteran receivers. One of those is Patrick Johnson, who confirms to that he has indeed received a call and is interested in joining the club.

"I'd love to be a part of the Cowboys, especially considering that I live within jogging distance of Valley Ranch,'' Johnson tells "My agent (Jordan Woy) did talk to them. They wanted to know what kind of shape I'm in. I told them the same as I'm telling you: I'm in perfect shape, with fresh legs, ready to go, still wanting to continue to prove myself.''

The 5-10, 196-pound was once a second-round draft pick, in large part because of his world-class speed.

Uhm...if it comes down to that, give me Copper or Rector anyday.

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