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Romo has nice game, but nothing more

One preseason game and some people are already talking about the new era of QB in Dallas. Now, I'll grant you that Tony Romo looked really good on Saturday night; better than I would've expected. I'll grant you that he also looked much more mobile than Drew Bledsoe, and on a couple pf plays it would've been more likely than not that Bledsoe would've been sacked had he been in the game.

But its one game - the first game - in the preseason, and the Seahawks had several members of their starting defense in street clothes. See the performance of Romo for what it was: A very encouraging sign that all those years in practice are paying off and that any thoughts of the Cowboys' post-Bledsoe QB should include Tony Romo. See it as a good sign that if Bledsoe does get injured this season that we have a QB waiting in the wings that can possibly step in and keep the boat afloat.

But we don't have a QB controversy, and if Romo plays the last three games of the preseason just like he did the first one, we still wouldn't have one. Parcells is going to play Bledsoe, and he's going to play him every game unless he's injured or we fall so far out of the race that the season is effectively over and he can audition Romo in real games for next year.

Rejoice in what Romo has accomplished and how far he has come, but there's no sense in losing one's head over this one performance. This is Bledsoe's team, and will reamin that way for the foreseeable future.

Check back later today and I will have a detailed look at Saturday's game, including scouting reports on names that weren't in the boxscore. Until then, below are a couple of Romo articles echoing the same theme as I just did.

Mac Engel:

While no one really believes -- barring injury -- the Cowboys will be starting a quarterback other than Bledsoe, Romo may do something this season other than take a knee at the end of games. Or hold on field goals and extra points.

"I'm a pretty confident guy. I think I can get the job done," Romo said. "It's nice to play a full game. It's been a long time since I did that. It's nice to play a full game because you control a lot of the outcome as to whether you win or lose."

Gil Lebreton:

Drew Bledsoe is the Cowboys' starting quarterback, and any attempt to write or sermonize otherwise should be met with rampant giggling. Parcells is about to turn 65 years old, not 39. Why would he turn over the reins of this team -- maybe his final team -- to an undrafted, unproven player who hasn't started a meaningful football game in four seasons?

Quarterbacks, granted, do get hurt. And in that regard, Parcells is only being prudent to see if he has a potentially capable backup already wearing the team laundry.

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