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Parcells press conference 8/14/06

Jusitn Beriault is retiring from football, Parcells said it's mainly about his knee. They also waived DE Jason Davis to bring the roster to 81 players.

Crayton's ankle doesn't sound quite as bad as they thought. He has a little fluid but not all the way up so not quite as severe. Won't do anything this week, we'll know more next Monday.

Sam Hurd played 41 plays, so I'm giving him a chance. Did some good things and is very agressive, good stamina, but he dropped 2 out of 6 passes, needs more consistency. Needs to put his hands together to catch the ball in the game, like he does in practice. He did pretty good on special teams.

There are players on our team that other teams have inquired about. So maybe there could be a trade but that's a long way away.

Spears and Boiman will be practicing today, Fowler and Carpenter will be held out a day. Don't know the status of T.O. today.

Watkins showed something on special teams.

Fowler could've played but has a little groin injury. He is in contention for an important role on this team so a little cautious.

Shanle and Coleman in game, but Parcells wouldn't answer why, but everybody knew why, it's no secret, He will tell you something in a week or so. (Implication: trade bait).

Bardie James is doing well, he is a defensive leader. Have high expectations for him. Mentioned a play last night to him in the dining hall that happened in Seattle, and he remebered the exact paly and the technique mistake he made.

Learned that Romo needs to be cocahed all the way through the game. You can't take things for granted with him. Keep him focused, remind him of things, sometimes his mind races. He had two or three plays he wanted to run on a timeout. He saved us some with his mobility, loved his back-shoulder throws to the WR. (Saw them run that play over and over in camp).

Bledsoe's job not up for grabs, (Parcells laughed at suggestion). Called the press cocker spaniels waiting for it.

Sparano and Haley combined to call plays, Parcells in the mix minimally. Mad that they only used up 1:08 on a series late in the game, Parcells had to remind them, then said no more passes.

Called the whole offensive line OK. There was good and some bad. Had too many penalties. Pass protection all right. Some mental errors in run blocking. Procter played well.

Skyler did OK catching the ball, he will run up there, on first punt return had his high-heels on, but after that he went north and south. Giving him every chance to make team in return game, that's where he has to do it. He knows what he's doing, asked him what I didn't like about one punt return and he immediately said "I caught it going backwards" and I said that's right. He must produce in punt returns.

Parcells happy with how Abram Elam played (oh yeah). In the mix pretty good, made a good stop on short yardage.

There's an indication that Romo is on the right path. Couldn't do what he did Sat. night two years ago. He reminds him physically of some of his past players. He needs more information on whether he's on the way to a starter or backup, but I hope it's a starter

Feels better about his offensive line. Saw some OK performances. Named Procter.

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