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Offensive line - Seattle game evaluation

I just finished breaking down the film on Saturday's preseason game. I went through every play in slow-motion, concentrating on the line play on both sides of the ball. Since these guys names rarely show up in the boxscore, what follows is an evaluation on each player. The first post is on the offensive line, with the defensive line to follow later today.

RT - Marc Colombo: Overall, Colombo didn't have a great game. But he did have some good plays. On a dump pass to JJ he had a good block at the line and then raced down to the 2nd level to give JJ another block on a LB. But just a couple of plays later he completely whiffed on a play-action pass block, and Romo was forced up into the pocket, but he did manage to complete the pass. Colombo pulled out on a run to his side, leaving the DE to the TE, but his block wasn't very good and JJ only got a short gain. He also whiffed again on a play-action pass block, but Romo was on a roll-out and avoided the rush. He got beat 1-on-1 on a pass rush around the edge, forcing Romo to scramble up the middle. He also pulled to the middle on a run but got a poor block even thought he rest of the line got a good push. (Played whole 1st half).

RG - Marco Rivera: Rivera actually played a pretty solid game. He had one play where he got bull-rushed backwards in pass protection but managed to recover at the last second to stand-up his man. He also got out on the screen but got caught looking backwards for a block when there was no one there to block, and didn't get turned around quickly enough to help with the play. He had no major problems in pass protection. (played 1st qtr.).

C - Andre Gurode: Gurode had an average game, making some really good drive blocks, especially on a short yardage run up the middle where he destroyed the DT, and didn't have any major slip-ups in pass protection. He let his man get loose on a couple of running plays that disrupted the flow of the run. On a screen play he got into the formation well, but kind of whiffed on his block. (played 1st qtr.).

LG - Kyle Kosier: Not too bad of a debut for Kosier, who showed his mobility by pulling to the right on some running plays, and getting some good blocks. He also pulled right on a play-action pass blocking play and got to the outside to help JJ with a block. He also got out in front of a screen in good position. On another play he was helping Gurode, but Gurode was handling his man so he flowed outside to give Flozell some help on his pass block. On a short yardage play he helped Gurode bulldoze the defensive line. He did have one play where he got bull-rushed back into Romo, forcing Romo to step forward in the pocket, but they managed a completion on the play. He also stayed in to help Gurode on a running play when Gurode didn't need it, so he failed to get out on the MLB who ended up disrupting the play for no gain. (played 1st qtr.).

LT - Flozell Adams: Flozell had an OK game; he didn't give up any bad plays except committing a facemask penalty on a block. One thing I did notice was that on pass blocking he was quickly backing up 2-3 yards each time. He's obviously still a little worried about his knee and doesn't want to get beat outside on a speed rush. (played 1st qtr.).

Overall, the first team line did a pretty good job in pass protection, only losing control of the pocket on a couple of plays, but never enough to give up a sack. On run blocking, they weren't getting a very good drive off the line, and they had some confusion is their pulling assignments, leading to stuffed holes for the running backs.

RT - Rob Petitti: Petitti had a real up-and-down game. In run blocking he managed to do some good things, in pass blocking he struggled at times. A play they ran often had Petitti circling out to the right side on a running play, leaving the DE to the TE, and Al Johnson would pull from the center position. I have Petitti marked down for 3 good blocks on this play, including one where he got the initial block then moved on to the second level to hit a LB. He also made a good block, driving his man 5 yards down field, allowing Kincade to cut-back to his side for a big gain. But I also have him doing a poor job in pass protection on a play Romo saved by making another quick throw, he got abused in the pass rush on another play (along with Peterman) forcing Romo to throw the ball way, and then he got beat towards the end of the game to allow his man into the backfield to disrupt a running play.

RG - Stephen Peterman: Peterman didn't have a good game and certainly didn't help his cause in making the roster. Peterman was active in pulling on quite a few run plays, but didn't always make the block once he got there. He got beat in pass protection on one play and only Romo's quick decision to get rid of the ball saved a sack and got a completion. On a run to the left he pulled into hole but got a terrible block (with others) and the play went nowhere. On another play he helped (or rather hurt) in allowing a jailbreak rush from Seattle leading to Romo throwing the ball out of bounds to save a sack. I only saw one play when he pulled and manage to get a really good block on a run.

C - Al Johnson: Johnson had a pretty good game. He pulled to the right and paired up with Petitti and got some good blocks on runs to that side. He also had no major slip-ups in pass protections. The one area he wasn't particularly good in was runs up the middle; he wasn't able to drive the Seattle linemen off the line of scrimmage.

LG - Cory Procter: Corey Procter had a good game. In all the plays I watched I only have him down for two negative plays, and one of them wasn't really a negative. He had an illegal motion penalty in the redzone which is a big no-no. He also pulled on a run by MB3 and he got into the hole in good shape, but the helped on a block inside which he didn't need to, if he would've kept going and hit the safety, MB3 would've had a huge run. I saw no mistakes in pass protection, so he definitely helped himself in this game.

LT - Pat McQuistan: McQuistan played like a rookie. He wasn't horrible, but he definitely showed how raw he is and has a long way to go. I have him down for 3 whiffs on blocks, one in pass protection where Romo saved him with a quick pass, another when Polite picked up the block giving Romo time to scramble and another on a run to his side that went for no gain. On another running play he couldn't hold his block long enough to let the play develop. He did manage a couple of nice blocks on two running plays.

Overall, the second unit played much like the first, although they probably did a little better in opening some running holes, but was not as good in pass protection. Tony Romo managed to save a few sacks for this unit by some quick decisions.

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