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Pats scouts to invade Camp Cowboys

Matt Mosley jumps on top of a rumor that's been floating out there for the last day.

I'm not certain of this, but I think you'll see the Patriots' scouts blow through here in the next couple of days. If you are going to let another team's scouts into your camp, it better be someone you trust and someone you don't play this year. The Patriots fit that description.

Now, the Patriots aren't exactly loaded at receiver, but they do have a disgruntled player by the name of Deion Branch. Just throwing it out there.

Given Parcells close relationship with Pats V.P. Scott Pioli, I have no trouble believing the Pats would at least be one of the teams we're talking to about potential trades.

Also, here's the not-practicing update from camp:

Bobby Carpenter (foot), Ryan Fowler (groin), Terry Glenn (blisters), Patrick Crayton (sprained right ankle) and you know who (left hamstring) are not practicing this morning, according to Matt Mosley on the scene.

Clarence Hill on the Owens injury:

What Parcells does know is that -- considering Owens' controversial past with Philadelphia and San Francisco and the outside expectations of a potential blowup in Dallas -- anything critical Parcells says about Owens will be blown out of proportion as the evidence of something bad when it could simply be Parcells being Parcells.

"I don't know the player very well," Parcells said. "I just have to give him the benefit of the doubt right now. I can just look over at Terry Glenn, and I can tell what he is feeling like. I haven't been around this player. I don't want to jeopardize him for the season. But, at some time, he is going to have to practice and play like everybody else."

Parcells is simply choosing not to treat Owens like everybody else. In 2003, Parcells' goading and sarcastic tactics prompted tight end Jason Witten to miss only one game after suffering a broken jaw. Last season, Parcells challenged tight end Dan Campbell to return to practice nine days after undergoing an appendectomy.

Here's the thing, Parcells has said over and over that he doesn't treat every player the same. This is no big secret. He has said players have different personalities and you have to figure out how to motivate each one individually. No scoop for you, Clarence Hill.

The L.A. Times dedicates a whole article to Bobby Carpenter being Parcells' waterboy. That's how you know you're big-time, when the press writes about your personal waterboy, you're big-time.

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