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T.O. be, or not T.O. be, that is the question

It had all the elements. You would've thought it needed a warning label: Do not mix contents together, unstable chemical reactions could occur. Take a controversial star receiver with a bad hamstring, a legendary coach with an old-school personality who doesn't like injuries, an owner who would rather be on camera than breathe air, and mix them together on one of the highest profile franchises in sports. This was a gathering worthy of Mt. Vesuvius comparisons, or at least drinking a can of Coke after ingesting a box of pop-rocks. Instead, we've gotten the equivalent of a sparkler in a rainstorm. And to that, I say good.

Try as the local press might - with backup from ESPN - they just can't get the chemicals mixed in the right combination to create the desired explosion. Parcells has taken to dismissing their questions about the injury with comments about them becoming redundant. He left out boring, obsessed, barking up the wrong tree and various other euphemisms. The best they could get out of owner Jerry Jones is that "the player" - in Parcells-speak - maybe should practice at 75%. As for the player himself, Terrell Owens only continues to say he's getting closer to the practice field, he knows Parcells wants him out there, and that he always practices at 100%. Meanwhile, certain members of the press who shall remain nameless - but go by the initials JFE and RG - continue to chase their tails as the real stories of camp keep passing them by.

Cowboys fans aren't unconcerned about the Owens injury - and they always hold the fear of his antics returning - but they'd rather discuss the surprising Sam Hurd. They'd rather examine just how far Greg Ellis has come in his efforts to remake his career. Heck, we'd rather discuss the status of our backup QB than the status of the famous hamstring. Fortunately, some writers are unconcerned with Owens injury and are actually giving us real news.

As to Owens himself, he could use the practice. He would benefit from catching passes from Drew Bledsoe, trying to establish some kind of chemistry. But Owens not practicing for two weeks in training camp isn't going to derail the season. Practicing and injuring the hamstring further could derail the season. So sit back and relax, wait until Owens gets back out on the field, and only become concerned if he's not available during the two weeks leading up to the regular season. Then you have an issue.

Owens has always treated his body like a temple, even if his mind is straight from Ringling Bros. Once he gets on the field, you know what you're going to get, and being out of shape won't be an issue. Take the path I have traveled; out of sight, out of mind. Patrick Crayton's ankle takes up most of my worry when it comes to injuries to Cowboys WR's. Heck, Terry Glenn's blisters are more troubling. I can understand a hamstring, but what's up with blisters? Get an endorsement deal with a new shoe company, Terry, maybe they can find you a pair that fits.

T.O. be, or not T.O. be, that is the question, at least for some in the press. For me, I'll take a different Shakespeare play: Much Ado About Nothing.

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