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Parcells concerned with WR injuries

Coach Parcells is not a happy camper right now with his top three WR injured and not practicing Monday.
As everyone knows by now, T.O. is still nursing his hamstring, Terry Glenn has foot blisters and Crayton suffered a high ankle sprain against Seattle. With the season opener less than a month away, Parcells is very concerned about his WR depth.

Although the Cowboys are just one game into the preseason schedule and nearly a month away from their regular-season opener at Jacksonville (Sept. 10), practicing without their top three receivers puts a strain on any position, especially one already in need of more depth.

"We have eight guys," Parcells said, counting his receivers. "But it's a position we certainly have to look at now. We have to look."

And Parcells isn't talking about finding training camp bodies anymore. The Cowboys might start to look for a receiver with some experience.

Parcells mentioned other teams have inquired about some of his players for a possible trade. With his team lacking major depth at wide receiver, Parcells said the Cowboys could make a roster move here in the next few weeks.

Yeah, I think it's safe to say the Cowboys will be landing a new WR sometime this preseason. Getting back to the injuries of our top three wideouts, I find Glenn's blisters to be the one the media should be questioning. I mean for crying out loud, is he breaking in new shoes? I know Parcells isn't happy about it. Check out this post from Matt Mosley's blog

Several of you have contacted me about a conversation that Bill Parcells had with Terry Glenn before practice. I know it's been reported by The Ticket radio station that Parcells cussed out Glenn, who missed his second practice of camp with blisters on his big toes.

I didn't witness the conversation, but our Todd Archer reports that it was definitely one-sided. Thanks to my friends at Fox 4, I just watched video of the conversation, and Glenn appeared to receive quite a tongue-lashing.

I'm not trained in the art of lip-reading, but I can recognize an expletive when I see one. Parcells dropped a couple on Glenn, but the conversation only lasted a couple of minutes.

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