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Parcells praises Watkins

Rarely do you hear Coach Parcells talk up a player, espeically a rookie, but thats exactly what Parcells did during his press conference Wednesday morning, stating that Pat Watkins has been very impressive so far in camp.

"He played 16 special teams (plays) and 38 on defense," he said of Watkins' first preseason game. "I've been impressed with him. Very unique player. Never had one. Never seen one that looks like this player in my tenure in pro football.

"I think that's one of the reasons he was drafted where he was drafted because no one else has seen him either."

Parcells also said that all of Watkins' skills have been a surprise to him during the first couple of weeks of training camp.

"He's quicker than I thought he was and very fast," he said. "He's got a good wingspan. Got good ball skills. He was a two year starter at Florida State. That's a good level of competition.

"I can tell you just looking at the film he'll be an outstanding special teams player this year. I'm very happy with him."

I loved the pick from day one when the Cowboys stole him in the 5th round. I've watched pro football for many years, and this kid is definitely unique, as Parcells points out. I think before it's all said and done, Watkins will end up being the best player in the Cowboys 2006 draft class and just what the doctor ordered this year to help out Roy in deep coverage.

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