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Ware looking to improve as pass rusher

Todd Archer of DMN reports that DeMarcus Ware is using videos of other NFL pass rushers to improve his technique in getting after opposing qb's.

 "I'll refer to Dwight Freeney for his spin move, or Jason Taylor for the stab move, and I'll look to Rice for his inside move," Ware said. "The moves they've perfected, I'm just looking at them and seeing if I can perfect them."

I think we'll see a much better player in Ware this season as he is now more comfortable with the transition from DE in college to OLB in the NFL. He was obviously tentative last year and wasn't reacting on instinct, although he played well enough to earn a rookie of the year nomination. In addition to studying other pass rushers, Ware is taking karate lessons to help his pass rush skills.

 In addition to his iPod videos, Ware took up karate in the off-season at Ellis' urging. Having quick hands is one of the most overlooked qualities of a successful pass rusher.

"You look at the hands to see what they might do to you and what they expect from you," Ware said. "It helps you if you do something and they counter that, then how do you get the guys hands off you? Just the little things. Last year, I was staying on the blocks too long. Now, I'm able to get off of them."

I look for Ware to have a big year this season and maybe even compete for defensive MVP honors, especially if this defense is going to be as good as I think it will be.

JJT gives his surprises and disappointments of camp so far.

 Greg Ellis is obviously the veteran surprise. He has made a smooth transition from defensive end to linebacker, and that makes the defense much more formidable because he's a bigger, more physical player than Al Singleton. Rookie free safety Pat Watkins has also been a surprise because he's challenging for a starting job, though I don't think he's going to get it until November at the earliest. The disappointments have been the offensive line overall and veteran right tackle Jason Fabini in particular. There's a chance he won't even make the team. T.O. has been a disappointment in the sense that he has gotten on the field much.

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