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BTB Milestone

Today is an important day for BTB. Why is today so special? Because it's the 1-year birthday of Blogging The Boys. That's right, one year ago on August 17th, I wrote my 1st post for this blog. I actually set it up one day before with a welcome page and the Cowboys schedule, but didn't make it public until August 17th, 2005. For anyone who is curious, the old blog is still up as an archive here. My first real post was about how Parcells wanted Rob Petitti to be the starter at RT in his battle with Jacob Rogers, Torrin Tucker and Kurt Vollers. The names may have changed, but aren't we still discussing Petitti in his battle to start at RT?

Since we're 1-year old now, I wanted to take a moment to thank the guys who have been around for all that time. Some of you were with me on the old site before I was asked to be the Cowboys blogger for SB Nation, and I can't thank you enough for sticking with me all that time. Some of you just started coming here because of my practice reports from Oxnard over the last couple of weeks, so welcome to the newbies and I hope that you continue to enjoy BTB as we get closer to a new season.

We also hit another milestone yesterday. Since BTB moved to it's current home in December of 2005, we just passed a quarter of a million page views for the blog. Yup, that's 250,000+ page views in a little over half a year. And it's all due to you guys who come here and read and comment everyday.

So thanks everybody, your continued patronage of BTB is a blessing for me. As always, let me stress this blog belongs to you too, so take the opportunity to sign up for a free account and start commenting and writing your own Diaries.

Just to end this post, I've also asked Terry to continue on helping me with the front page since he did such a great job while I was out at Oxnard. I tend to be something of a night owl, so Terry helps out by posting in the morning, and then whenever he sees the need throughout the day. Terry is one of the long-time readers of BTB, and its most faithful commenter. Thanks for everything, Terry.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled Cowboys programming.

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