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Parcells press conference 8/17/06

Owens (ok, he didn't actually use his name) looks normal in prctice, trying to get him worked back in. Haven't seen him under game conditions so don't know what shape he's in. Haven't talked about him playing yet in New Orleans.

No chance Henson won't play in the next game.

Spears is making progress. Coleman, Ratliff and Spears, I don't know who will start.

On the report? That's just the BS I'm trying to avoid this summer. Somebody makes something up , then I have to respond, then it has a life of its own. I went to Jim Mauer? Just think about it. Think about it. I went to Jim Mauer? And demanded he play? I don't demand things from the trainers.

Terry Glenn is back to practice. Tried to give his feet a chance to settle up.

Tuna then went into a tirade about what the press writes. They only want to talk about who's not practicing, write about the guys who are practicing. On Sunday you guys should write about what each other ate in the press box. Not what happened on the field.

Parcells was just challenging the press on every question. He was in a very testy mood. Then they veered into a philosophical tangent about how he's asked the coaches not to tell the players everything on the field. All about how Zimmer calls defense, the offense trying to react to that. Really, it was all useless.

Fabini? Saw some signs of definite progress in the last 7-10 days. He's been up and down, he's an older vet so you worry about that. He will play the first half against the Saints.

Flozell is practicing harder than he has in sometime. He's doing pretty good now. Never had that size of a man coming off that kind of injury, you can get some problems so you have to watch it.

Hannam's knee has been bothering him, but with less repetition he's been doing better.

Burnett didn't have the same problems as Flozell. Been pleased with him. Teased him that he's had more surgeries than tackles. Came back in good condition and is making progress as a player.

More stuff about the coaches spoon-feeding the players, and how Parcells is trying to stop that.

Miles Austin is green.

Procter and Watkins first team reps at the end of practice? Procter at right guard, just trying to give him a little work on the right side.

Aaron Glenn is the poster boy for how to do it. We talk about other things besides football. He asks me a lot of questions. I have a very high regard for him. He's a very serious minded guy. He's a friend and a player. He was talking about how much longer he wants to play. I said you might be like Darrell Green. He said if he could stand some of these young guys when he's at that age, he might keep playing. We might consider him in some future plans. I think it will be a case of him not wanting to play, not losing his ability to play.

Dislike about training camp? I feel like I become totally ignorant to what's going on in the world and my family. It's like being in a time-warp. I haven't been off the campus, I have a car out there and I don't even know where it is.

Update [2006-8-17 15:13:15 by Grizz]: Some of the reporters were asking him about his irritation in practice this morning, Parcells sort of denied it. But he did admit that sometimes his assitant coaches mess up or didn't listen to what he wanted. Matt Mosley's blog has some of the details:

Bill Parcells spent the first portion of practice having a one-sided conversation with trainer Britt Brown. A few minutes later, he ripped into strength and conditioning coach Joe Juraszek for taking too long with the stretching.

Later in practice, he ripped into veteran offensive tackle Jason Fabini after the offense allowed four sacks on the first six plays of team drills. Fabini appeared to make the mistake of responding to Parcells.

At the end of practice, Bill ripped into his team.

Later, he had some unpleasant words for assistant secondary coach Mike MacIntyre and then backup quarterback Tony Romo made the mistake of walking by.

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