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The Cowboys are a joke

Those crazy Cowboys, they never let a player get away with anything. I'm not referring to on the football field; it's off the field and in the locker room where the real action takes place. Here is a brief list of some of the things said or done by Cowboys players to other Cowboys players over the offseason.

After Keith Davis was shot, again, Terence Newman quipped: "I don't even like to get in the huddle with him, you never know where the bullets are coming from."

When Akin Ayodele showed up at Valley Ranch, his locker was plastered with his modeling pictures from his second job as a model.

Jason Ferguson revealed that during position meetings, he likes to release a little internal gas in the direction of his teammates, who are stuck in the meeting and have no refuge from his "fart" arsenal.

And now Marco Rivera gets one over on Tony Romo.

Quarterback Tony Romo said he was duped into wearing No. 4 in Thursday afternoon's practice by veteran guard Marco Rivera.

Romo, who grew up idolizing Packers quarterback Brett Favre, said Rivera switched out the jerseys before practice, and that he didn't realize it until someone said something to him on the practice field.

"I caught a lot of flak," said Romo, "but I'll get Marco back."

Rivera and Favre played together in Green Bay for years, and he knows about Romo's devotion to Favre.

Anybody got any others to add? If you do, drop them in the comments.

The DFW S-T has a few observations from yesterday's practice.

Terrell Owens participated in his second and third consecutive practices Thursday, the day after his circus-like return. Again, Owens was plagued by some dropped passes and was playfully heckled by nose tackle Jason Ferguson. But T.O. did have some sparkling moments. The highlight was an impressive leaping catch on a long pass along the sidelines from Drew Bledsoe. Owens made the grab over cornerback Anthony Henry.

There's the class clown Ferguson again, getting in a few playful jabs at Owens. He was calling him a decoy in one redzone drill because three straight passes went to other receivers.
Running back Marion Barber is getting in trouble with Bill Parcells. He continues to try and bounce outside when things get jumbled at the line of scrimmage. And bouncing outside isn't helping much.

Parcells said: "Quit running side to side. How many times am I going to have to tell you that this camp? One hundred?"

Barber has also had trouble with fumbling in practice and was told to walk around holding onto a football everywhere he goes.

He needs to stop this. I wrote about how during the Seattle game on a 1st and 3 at the goal line, he tried to bounce outside instead of following the play up the middle and lost 2 yards. That's unacceptable.

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