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Parcells press conference 8/18/06

Charlie Adams isn't going to pass the physical so he'll be going back to Denver. It was something that we didn't know about it. He was going to be somebody in the mix as a WR, I was going to play him at split-end.

Going to see Ellis a little more this week. He did a good job, he's improving on his techniques. Not an easy transition, it's going well, I'm happy, it would be a big help if it works out.

Players who we might see more in this game? Marcus Coleman, Procter and McQ, Flozell more, Fabini quite a bit. Not decided on TE's yet. Hannam may play more this week, monitoring him because his knee has been acting up. Probably will start Bledsoe, don't know if Baker will play. The two main QB's will be Bledsoe and Romo. Don't know about playing the other two.

Baker? He's smart, he's up on the system as much as he can be, like the way he throws the ball. Just taking a look at him.

I probably need to see the next 4 practices before deciding on Owens. If he's good to go, we'll go.

The secondary is more familiar with each other, integrating a couple of young players. In the evaluation process on the DB's, some guys can play two positions and we are trying to figure out how much empahsis to put on that. Hoping Jacques Reeves picks it up, I had high expectations for him, he's having a few days of trouble recently.

Likes the Oxnard weather to work his team. Wonderful place to get them ready, you can't work them hard enough. When we go back to Texas we'll probably go inside for a while. Don't want to go through the dehydration.

No quit in Procter, will not quit. Running, training, meetings, practice, plus technically he's pretty good. I'd be hard-pressed not to keep him on the roster.

90% of the offensive linemen who come into this league are developmental players, I don't care where they are drafted. They need to find there way in this league, no matter where they played.

Joe Juraszek has done a great job with the players. I set the guidelines and he takes it from there. I have certain lifts, clean and squat, but after that he sets the agenda. We also do it against the clock to build stamina.

Procter would get in the weight ronom at 7:30 am he should be done by 11. 1:30 pm he's still there. You notice that.

Will Peterman make team? He's doing alright, I'm going to play him a little more this week.

Philosophy on tall players? If the tall players are good players, it's better. Ideally I like bigger players, we have a big defense here but they can run, they're not slow. But Flozell's the biggest.

Boiman may play, he's a tough guy, pretty sure he'll play.

I want McBriar to be more consistent. He's middle of the pack right now, but his potential is bigger than that, he just needs more consistency. Other night, he bobbled the snap, he shanks the ball. We put him in to punt the pooch kick, he put it in the endzone. That's not good for that night.

Vandy? Talked to him, we have a plan on what we're going to do, what we want to accomplish,. He knows what that is and he is gearing to it. Obviously we aren't waiting to the last week to do it.

The thing I discuss with Payton (and others like him), I talk about the job itself. How its structured, what's your role. Get that very clear. Can you hire your own people? Can't take it for granted, sometimes need contractual agreement. Also, how do you present yourself to an owner, your a prominent person in the organization.

Payton energetic, bright, enthusiastic, high-energy is the best word.

Nate Jones is dependable, bright, solid special teams, has to fight for his job every year, but every year it's more difficult to let him go. Can play special teams, 2nd nickel, corner or saftey. Not the most talented back.

Vandy will kick FG's this week, I would hope that he would kickoff in Dallas next week. It's not in concrete, though.

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