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Grizz on DCFanatic Radio

DCFanatic has his newest broadcast up and I'm the first guest on the show this week (I come in around the 8 minute mark). Open the diary with this link and the audio playback of the show should start to load. Firefox users (like me) might not be able to see the pause/play controls so opening the diary in IE is an option if you want the controls. The audio file loads automatically when opening the diary so adjust your speakers/sound accordingly.

Hope you enjoy it and would like to get feedback from you guys on my segment of the show. I'll be participating in the DCFanatic radio broadcasts all year, so I'll post a diary each week where you can listen to them.

The SB Nation football bloggers (that includes me) held a roundtable discussion on the preseason and its importance. Sean over at the Detroit Lions blog hosted the write-up this week, so go over there and check it out.

Terrell Owens has his own page on My Space. I'm not kidding; I think it really is him. So if you're into My Space, you can check it out and try to get him to add you as a friend.

(Hat tip to Cowboys-Forum for posting this)

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